‘CARE’ing For Our Associates & Residents

CARES is an apartment industry expert in the resident experience. The CARES program redefines the resident experience through relationships with a focus on increasing resident retention, enhancing online reputation and improving resident satisfaction. CARES helps clients achieve their goals because relationships with residents aren’t just good for the community; they’re good for business, too.

History Behind JPI Cares

One of the biggest “Godquakes” in the history of Apartment Life was meeting with JPI…


Bobby Page


Stan Dobbs

As the vision for CARES was just taking shape in 1998, Stan had a encounter at church with Ruthie Poole, who was the longtime office manager at JPI. Stan explained the emerging vision of Apartment Life and Ruthie mentioned that JPI might have an interest. Stan had no idea that JPI was one of the largest and most well respected apartment developers in the country! Within a few weeks Stan was in the JPI boardroom sharing the vision with the late Frank Miller, Bobby Page, Frank Shubert and Ron Ingram.

Not being sure of their motivations, Stan began by sharing how CARES could make them more money through lower resident turnover. He was shocked when they cut him off mid-sentence and explained that their interest was not in making more money but having a deep and lasting impact in the lives of their residents and associates! In that moment a beautiful partnership was born.

JPI was the first company to implement and prove CARES effectiveness in luxury apartments. Our first JPI CARES Team was Curt and Gayle Wood who served at Jefferson Hill in Valley Ranch. Within a few short months the staff was raving about CARES and JPI began expanding it across their portfolio. JPI has also been a major financial supporter of Apartment Life.

Stan and Bobby Page have developed a deep friendship over the years and Bobby has served on the Apartment Life board since the beginning. Bobby served as Apartment Life President during a difficult season with Stan’s health in 2011-2012. Together they have spent many hours dreaming and praying about what God can do through Apartment Life.

Under Mark Wagner and the emerging leadership team at JPI the relationship continues to expand as we continue to explore together how to add more value to the apartment community and impact lives in the process.





Based on a survey conducted by Witten Advisors:

  • 83% of apartment residents and 92% of staff said that the “sense of community” was stronger at a CARES community.
  • 93% of the apartment staff said that CARES increased the quality of life for their residents.
  • Residents who have participated in CARES events increased their average number of friendships 175% – from 1.9 to 5.4.

Case Study

Impacting real communities and real lives.



What our residents are saying about CARES.

A Cielo resident inquired if CARES would be at the community for the following year. When we said yes, she said “Perfect, I’ll renew my lease as well.

– Cielo Property Manager

Cielo Apartments, Austin, TX

A Cielo resident said, “It’s so heart warming to know that you guys truly do care about serving the community”.

– Cielo Property Manager

Cielo Apartments, Austin, TX

Two of our moms, Traci & Becky, said ‘WOW, you have no idea how much this made our day. After picking up the girls from their sports tonight, we were limited on time and this pizza is a blessing! Now we have more family and homework time”.

– Cielo Property Manager

Cielo Apartments, Austin, TX